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Phoenix FD 4.0 for 3ds Max and Maya is now available

[ #VFX ]
Chaos group has announced that Phoenix FD 4.0 for 3ds Max and Maya is now available and Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max now supports thinkingParticles.

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Phoenix FD 4.0 for 3ds Max and Maya Features are:

  -thinkingParticles integration* — Phoenix operators for thinkingParticles are now available, and you can emit fluid via Phoenix sources from thinkingParticles geometries
  -New Voxel and Particle Tuners — Change each voxel and particle's properties during simulation, and create or delete particles depending on highly customizable conditions
  -Active Bodies — Basic rigid body simulation with Phoenix liquids, allowing objects to float over liquid or get washed away by floods
  -Tex UVW — Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and use them for advanced render-time effects
  -And more! — See what else is new in the Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max and Phoenix FD 4 for Maya changelogs.

You can test out Phoenix FD? Try Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max or Phoenix FD 4 for Maya.
  More Phoenix FD Plugin [post_ad]
Phoenix FD 4.0 for 3ds Max and Maya is now available Reviewed by CGRecord on 20:15 Rating: 5


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