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Ornatrix v2.4.2 for Autodesk Maya is now Available

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Ephere Inc has announced that Ornatrix v2.4.2 - latest update of grooming tool for Autodesk Maya is now available

>> Ornatrix Maya tutorial: Creating Braids and Buns


New: Up to 20x viewport hair editing performance improvement due to improved memory caching
New: Viewport hair color overlay to highlight selected strands, strand groups, and strand channels
New: Added Twist attribute to RotateNode, allowing per-vertex rotations
New: Add a Length node option to scale width values, for easier rescaling of whole groom
New: Groom and curve preset files are now compatible with 3dsmax and C4D, shared between all applications
New: Animation Cache Alembic file sequences are loaded on demand, allowing faster loading and rendering of scenes
Fixed: Default selection mode in Edit Guides should be rectangle, not lasso
Fixed: Hair From Mesh Strips crash with Volume value changing
Fixed: Hair from Guides "Barycentric Triangulation Type" name is too long for Attribute Editor
Fixed: Hair From Guides does not update display when viewport hair has 0 strands


You can Download Ornatrix v2.4.2 for Autodesk Maya here!

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Ornatrix v2.4.2 for Autodesk Maya is now Available Reviewed by CGRecord on 08:47 Rating: 5

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