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GroomBear v1.0 Houdini Grooming Toolkit

[ #Houdini ]
Developed by Kamil Wacławiak, GroomBear toolkit allows you to create and modify guides/cards inside SideFX Houdini.

Also see: Fur & Hair Grooming with Houdini 16.5 Masterclass

Groom node has whole range of grooming tools, not only for short fur, but for long hair as well. Designed to use with a radial menu for faster workflow.
Brushes: mask, comb, force, shape, scatter, draw, move, copy, cut, lift, rotate, smooth, scale, clump, paint, custom, edit. Some brushes also includes sub-brushes.
Cards node, which allows you to convert guides to template geometry (for example planes, feathers, tubes).
Nodes are locked. GroomBear's groom node has digital asset wrapper, so it can be customized to some extent.


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GroomBear v1.0 Houdini Grooming Toolkit Reviewed by CGRecord on 08:30 Rating: 5

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