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Download Redshift Texture Importer

[ #Houdini ]
Developed by Dominik Lingenover, Redshift Texture Importer speeds up the tedious work of importing textures and supports a variety of workflows like UDIM, ACES, Tri-Planar and more!


OpenGL tags for Houdini Viewport: All needed OGL tags are added to get a proper preview of your material in the viewport!
Prefer EXR Textures: Helpful if multiple file types exist and you want the highest quality texture.
Prefer Metal Textures:Looks for a metalness texture and if none is found it looks for a specular texture. If no textures are found 'Metalness' is set to 1 in RS Material.
Color Correction on Diffuse: Attaches a RS Color Correct node to the diffuse texture
Automatic Tri-Planar Setup: Creates a complete Tri-Planar material with controls for Scale / Rotate / Translate
Enable UDIM: Replaces the UDIM number with the tag.
Look for ACES Textures: If available the tool will look for ACEScg textures.
Opacity as Stencil: Uses an RS Stencil node instead of regular opacity on RS Material.
Height is Displacement: Height maps will be considered as displacement textures instead of bump.
Manual Texture Selection: Creates a popup with a texture list to choose from.
LDR Diffuse is Linear: Enables the gamma override on the diffuse texture node. (LDR = Low Dynamic Range / .jpg, .png, etc.)


Download Redshift Texture Importer here!
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