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Chaos group launches V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 1 and here are some New Features

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V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 1 features even tighter integration with Rhino. Now, you can create V-Ray materials directly in Rhino’s Materials panel and apply materials with a simple drag and drop. Enjoy a much faster interactive rendering, smarter features including Cryptomatte render element for easier object selection, as well as new lens effects and depth of field focus animations. The latest update also adds a host of new features for V-Ray for Grasshopper that enable you to create even more advanced animations and ability to export an animation file from Grasshopper.

The new and improved features in V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 1 include:
-Updated materials workflow — Now, you can create V-Ray materials and assign them to layers directly in Rhino’s Materials panel. In addition, you can apply materials with a simple drag and drop directly onto scene objects or layers.
-Faster interactive rendering — The latest update features more responsive CPU interactive rendering when editing the scene camera, lighting and materials.
-Cryptomatte render element support — Makes it easier to select objects for post-production.
-Temperature color picker — The V-Ray color picker also introduces a Kelvin temperature slider, which automatically provides a corresponding RGB color.
-New in Grasshopper — Create even more advanced animation setups with the new advanced value remapping utility component that exposes a bezier curve editor. In addition, you can now easily load V-Ray library materials in the definition, render using orthographic cameras or export V-Ray proxy mesh and animated scene files.

Check out the V-Ray Next for Rhino docs to find out what else is new.


You can download a 30 day trial here!   More V-ray Plugin [post_ad]
Chaos group launches V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 1 and here are some New Features Reviewed by CGRecord on 02:20 Rating: 5


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