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Yeti 3.5 for Autodesk Maya

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Peregrinelabs has announced the new update of its Grooming node based procedural toolset Yeti 3.5 for Autodesk Maya is now available and their team has implemented support for Alembic into the core of Yeti for both importing and exporting geometric data.

For importing – a new File node has been implemented that will read both curve sets and mesh data from the specific Alembic file, along with any additional arbitrary attributes, that may be modified and referenced by down stream nodes. Aiming to expand support for additional geometric formats in the future.

For exporting – Peregrinelabs has expanded their caching commands to include writing the evaluated results of graphs to Alembic file(s) with multiple samples for motion blur purposes and either having all the data stored in one monolithic file (and for fur this can be truly monolithic) or on a per frame basis. Density and other graph options can be controlled from the command line.

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- Continuing the adoption of amazing open source projects, the internal texturing system has been completely replaced with OpenImageIO – besides added format support it also provides additional efficiency when reading a large number of high resolution texture files.

Volumetric Guides
- A new default Volumetric guide model which provides a more intuitive result with additional visual control over the shape and clumping behaviour with the option to switch to the previous Shape Matching model for backwards compatibility.

Parting, Switch node and more…
- Additional highlights are the new Automatic Parting, a Switch Node, Projection based texture coordinates for feathers, Density based relaxation and the list goes on! Check out the release notes for details.

See details on release note!


Yeti 3.5.0 works with Maya 2018 - 2019 (Linux64, Win64 and macOS)

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