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Control 3ds Max facial rigs using Smart Phone with VooDoo

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Developed by Hot Knife Digital Media - Voodoo is mobile app and companion Maxcript which records your voice and facial data directly onto your device, or can communicate with a character directly inside 3ds Max.

To record on your device, once you have set the Frame Rate and Recording duration via the settings screen (cog in the top right) you can press record on the main screen and ‘act’ away. A .wav file and a .vdr will be saved to the Voodoo file sharing folder on your device & can easily be transferred to your computer by dragging and dropping into a local folder via Itunes. Look for FIle Sharing in Itunes and the Voodoo logo to access the files.

Once transferred, launch Voodoo & select your character mesh & Load the .vdf. Your character must have a Morpher modifier on it & you will need to map the morph channels to the incoming face shapes via the Mapping screen, found under Track / Mapping on the main Voodoo rollout panel.

The best operation of order for Voodoo to control a character inside Max is to start the app’ and navigate to the settings screen. Select the IP address of your device. This is usually the one that starts with 192.168.0.x but it may vary due to your network.

Watch the video below for an in-depth tutorial.

VooDoo help screens


The app is just awaiting approval on the app store. You can download the accompanying 3ds files here
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