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X-Particles Public Release 2019 with xpShatter & xpDynamics and more

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Insydium has unveiled the 2019 public release of X-Particles, the next major update to its particle and physics simulation tool for Cinema 4D with xpShatter & xpDynamics.

new xpDynamics Tag, which is fully integrated into the X-Particles system and works with Fluids, Smoke, Fire and Constraints. Dynamic Objects can be controlled and art-directed using X-Particles Emitters, Modifiers, Questions & Actions and Data Mapping.

xpShatter allows you to break apart any Scene Object. You can use Objects, Splines, Particles and Point Generators to control Shattering and it works in perfect harmony with our new xpDynamics feature.

Couple of great new features to Fluids allows you to create realistic crown splash simulations with xpSplash. This combined with xpSheeter, new modifier to generate thin film particles means X-Particles fluids just got even more realistic!

xpQuickTools - a one-click solution in setting up commonly used X-Particles scenes and settings. Giving you 25 scene presets, guaranteed to speed up your workflow during production.


The X-Particles 2019 public release is due to ship on 8 July 2019 and free to users with active maintenance subscriptions. A new floating licence of the software costs £540

You can find this information in your X-Particles License Manager inside Cinema 4D from X-Particles menu > Help and Support > X-Particles License Manager. More information can be found here!
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