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Anima 3.5.5 for 3ds max, Cinema 4D & Unreal Engine 4

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AXYZ Design has announced that its Popule Animation tool Anima 3.5.5 for 3ds max, Cinema 4D & Unreal Engine 4 is now available with many improvements and a free annual maintenance plan

Changes and updates are:

▪ anima: Improved simulation performance in scenes with very large backgrounds and scattered actors.
▪ anima: Added the ability to crop an animation when importing motion clips by selecting the start and end frame.
▪ anima: Fixed an issue where steps would be detected incorrectly and cause problems in the simulation in scenes with backgrounds that include very gentle (almost flat) slopes.
▪ anima: Fixed an issue where the crowd generator in paths would not generate actors in the same spots its visual indicator highlighted depending on the background geometry.
▪ anima: Fixed an issue where attempting to save an Untitled scene would not prompt the creation of a new project correctly.
▪ anima: Fixed a display error in the scenes browser when using long scene names.
▪ anima: Fixed an issue where enabling and disabling elements in the project tree would cause some actors to not appear correctly in the view-port.
▪ anima: Fixed a very rare issue where the bake action would cause the application to freeze under certain conditions.
▪ anima Plugins: Removed the unused “source” textures that were being incorrectly extracted to the texture cache folder.
▪ anima Plugins: Fixed an issue where the system’s locale could affect the formatting of the anima scene files when sending them to render farms, leading to errors when opening the scenes in other systems.
▪ 3DS Max Plugin: Corrected a map that was unused in the hair material for certain renderers.
▪ Cinema4D Plugin: Fixed an issue where closing multiple opened scenes with anima® could freeze the application.
▪ UE4® Plugin: Added support for Unreal Engine 4.22.2 and 4.22.3.
▪ UE4® Plugin: Fixed a rare crash when reloading an anima project in for Unreal Engine 4.22.
▪ UE4® Plugin: Added the bake recommendation that is displayed in the other plugins when importing a scene.


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