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Roll for 3ds Max

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Developed by Hocuspocus Studio, Roll is a new modifier for 3dsmax which allows you to Roll any geometry over the ground like if it was a physique simulation, and you now have full artistic control over its animation.

Features :

  -Pick and Animate a Helper to drive the rolling object.
  -Bulge on ground contact with bulge shape control.
  -Fly mode with air Friction to automatically roll with natural velocity when the geometry is not colliding the ground.
  -Parent coordinates option to lock the roll on the Helper animation regarding to it’s parent.
  -Rest Frame and Reset Pose, to reset the state.
  -No roll mode, to only project on ground.

Baking options :

  -Bake on a Helper ( then parent anything to it to get the same motion ).
  -ake on memory.
  -Bake from current Frame.

Limitations :

  -Roll over flat ground only.
  -Doesn’t roll precisely with animated shape.


The tool works with 3dsmax 2016 to 2020 and costs 22.50€. Buy it here!
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