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Download Nuke Deep2VP suite v2.1

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Developed by Mark Joey Tang, Deep2VP suite is a toolset to convert deep data to world space position, support single layer or volumetric of deep data. Now it has 5 nodes in total in this suite: DeepToPosition, DeepPositionToImage, DeepVolumeMatte, DeepVolumePattern, DeepVPCamProjection The zip included all toolset in gizmo and group format, demo script.

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2.1 Features:

- fix the scale issue
- added projection aspect ratio settings : 'tex aspect' & 'camera FOV'
(Demo script added how to use camera FOV to patch CG with 1 frame)

2.0 Features:

- updated deepPosition to non-filtered.
- removed deep2vpBuffer channel in output.
- enhance code and setup.
- Pointcloud preview avaliable.
- no more colorpicker mode, replaced position sample in 2D.
- no more 2D output, consistance with deep output only.
- geo matte able transform in 3D space without extra any axis node.
- added snap geo matte to point inside the tool.
- enhance code & setup.
- fix pixel filter.
*NEW* DeepVPCamProjection added
- Need to use after DeepToPosition.
- Input of the node is deep (required deepPosition channel).
- output of the node is 2D image, no deep output.
- pointcloud preview available under 3d view.
- 3 output options. (wrapped texture+source, wrapped texture, uv)


Download Nuke Deep2VP suite v2.1 for 11.0, 10.5 or later here!

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