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VideoCopilot Nebula 3D for Affter Effects

[ #AffterEffects ]

Seem that from Adobe Creative Cloud's An Artists Panel talks, VideoCopilot's founder Andrew Kramer has shown the coming plugin for After Effect called: Nebula 3D. It's probably the Smoke, cloud tool in After Effect. The sneak peak video showing some feature of the plugin like
- 3D volumetrics
- Advanced light scattering
- GPU Accelerared
- Optimized for Element 3D, Cinema 4D and After Effects
- VDB Sequences

You cna check out the sneakpeak video below

And looking forward to have more information about the plugin soon!

You can check full talk of Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot, Jayse Hansen, and Mary Poplin of Boris FX in the An Artists Panel to learn more about VFX in After Effects

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