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V-Ray for Unreal - Viewport raytracing and Unreal materials

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In this video V-Ray for Unreal product manager Simeon Balabanov takes a look at the latest update, that was just released. There are two major additions that will improve the workflow in Unreal - viewport rendering and improved support for native Unreal materials. The interface has also been improved by adding settings for light baking with V-Ray.

The latest update of V-Ray for Unreal included:
- Viewport rendering - now the V-Ray raytraced result is integrated in the Unreal viewport
- Improved support for native Unreal Materials - more shading nodes and modes have been added
- GUI improvements - Settings for light baking with V-Ray and dome light texture resolution

As you can see the raytraced result of the V-Ray is now integrated directly in the viewport, which seems to improve the interactivity and the user experience as a whole. Since all post process effects are applied the parity has been greatly improved. Users have the option to switch between the V-Ray and the Unreal tone mapping and exposure.

Simeon also demonstrates native materials from the automotive materials pack rendered and edited during his interactive session and the raytracing definitely adds to the realistic appearance. This can be seen in the overall illumination of the car paint, occluded areas in the wheels, body parts reflecting each other and of course the headlights and brake lights.

Finally, we can see the improved GUI and added presets for light baking. One thing we really liked is the addition of controls for the baking atlas resolution - this will definitely help when baking large maps. We are excited about this update look forward to the next one.

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