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3ds Max tyFlow interface and workflow

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TyFlow for 3ds Max is a complete rewrite of Particle Flow from scratch which is in development by Tyson Ibele. It's basically what PFlow could have been, if development didn't stop like 10 years ago

In the Stack 3ds Max Group, Tyson Ibele (developer of 3ds Max tyFlow) shared tyFlow interface and workflow via the video Car crash Effects in 3ds Max

Here's a short example showing how the deformation setup was achieved. Although this video doesn't include some details (doors/hood/tires breaking off, windows smashing, etc), it gives a basic outline of the overall system.

The key difference you'll notice between this video and a typical PhysX setup in Particle Flow, is that here we're constructing a rig consisting of skinned meshes and other props outside of our main tyFlow, and then importing the entire thing into tyFlow as a spawnable prefab. The car is not a static shape assigned to a single particle -- it is a 1:1 translation of scene objects into particles, and a 1:1 conversion of skin modifiers into equivalent deformations within tyFlow.

Once they're in the flow, the particles are treated normally by any additional operators. This flexibility gives you full control over the rig, while tyFlow seamlessly handles the PhysX calculations, skinning, etc. As you can see, it takes very few steps to get a decent result. Of course, a more realistic approach for this example would require additional structural supports added to the car frame, different mass values assigned to heavier/lighter parts of the car, breakable windows, detachable doors, rolling wheels, etc...all things that are certainly possible within tyFlow as well.
- Said Tyson Ibele

See more tyFlow in action:

Developer is planning to release a public beta version once it gets a little more feature complete.

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