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ezMat for 3ds Max

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ezMat for 3ds Max is a Script for 3ds Max which converts native Drag´nDrop Bitmaps from windows explorer to FStormBitmap / CoronaBitmap. Create or mix materials and much more with only one hotkey.

By pressing a single hotkey you can:

- convert bitmaps to FStormBitmap or CoronaBitmap
- import all needed textures automatically (works with any renderer, e.g. vray; imported as Default Bitmap)
- textures will be imported optimized (mono for bumps / color for normal etc.)
- bitmap nodes will be renamed according to the content (diffuse, gloss ..)
- pbr support will be detected automatically
- create material by texture selection
- create auto-sync tiling in materials (also Triplanar for FStorm)
- mix materials
- and much more...


ezMat for 3ds Max cost +5$ and can be found here
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ezMat for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord on 01:36 Rating: 5

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