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Eddy v2.0 for Nuke

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Developed by VortechsFX Eddy for Nuke is a plugin for simulating gaseous phenomena inside of Nuke. Eddy allows artists to generate new high quality fluid simulations and render them with state of the art algorithms inside of Nuke. Eddy for Nuke 2.0.2 has now been released

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New features:

  -Improvements to volume emission integrators, reducing noise. Now also supports arbitrary emission integration in implicit volumes (i.e. with a zero feature size).

Bug fixes

  -E_CacheLoader now warns when file is missing instead of failing with an error.
  -E_MeshToVolume now initializes the channel transform type appropriately.
  -Fixed E_Image issue where other errors in the graph during script load could put it into an invalid state.
  -E_ParticleToVolume now allows interpolator types to be selected.
  -Fixed E_ParticleToVolume distance to be SDF type even when no particles are found.
  -Fixed error on rendering empty volume.
  -Fixed deep compositing issue with zero alpha regions, e.g. emission without extinction.
  -Fixed bug where wrong progression count was used when raymarch integrator was used with tracking transmittance integrator.
  -E_Rasterize now sets ambient value correctly for SDF fields.
  -Fixed a E_ExpressionField transform bug when using field inputs to the expression.
  -Fixed bug with E_Cache write range not using the correct range.

Check Eddy v2.0 for Nuke tutorial.

You can download Eddy v2.0.2 for Nuke from your client portal.
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