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Download Bifrost2Deadline Submitter V1.01 for 3ds Max

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'Bifrost2Deadline' Submitter script makes it easier for Solve Bifrost simulation or/and exporting PRTs and Deadline submission. This script allow to send Simulation solve or PRT export on Thinkbox Deadline based Farm

Features are:
- Support Simulation solve on Deadline Farm
- Support PRT channel constant naming (via preferences) on tool lunch
- Support PRT Export Job on Farm with custum channel selection, custum name, as a single job, or as a 'chunked' job with or without '3dsMAX restart between tasks', very usefull to 'hack' the memory issue when exporting PRT with Bifrost in 2018.4.


The script works with 3ds Max 2018.4+ tested on Deadline 10.09.4. Download here, then Run/Drag and drop the .mzp, Push the big button, Restart 3DSMax when asked, then go to custumise/toolbar/BIFROST TOOL (Bf2Dl). to find it.
The script work also with the free mode of Deadline... Deadline Module is optional, but deadline Luncher must running for it working.

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Download Bifrost2Deadline Submitter V1.01 for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord on 20:00 Rating: 5

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  1. In addition, the support provided for custom channel selection, names customization and the option of ‘chunked’ jobs which can have 3dsMAX restarted between them or not, provides a level of customization that is very crucial in dealing with memory issues while doing PRT exports with Bifrost in 2018.4.

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