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3D Map Generator - ATLAS v1.2 for Photoshop

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The 3D Map Generator – Atlas is a Photoshop Plugin to creating real 3D maps and terrains from a heightfield – without any advanced Photoshop knowledge!

Atlas uses the Photoshop internal 3D engine and now finally lives up to it’s name. Together with the advanced tools of its predecessor TERRAIN in combination with the heightmapper it is unbeatably the best 3D Map Generator.

Atlas generates 3D maps from every heightmap within minutes. You need no 3D knowledge or Photoshop knowledge at all. Heightmaps can be easily created with the plugin internal tools or downloaded with the help of the Heightmapper from almost every place of the world. You can check some sample created by the tool here!

Learn how to create a 3D Earth flight time infographic with Adobe Photoshop and 3D Map Generator – ATLAS with tutorial below


3D Map Generator - ATLAS v1.2 for Photoshop. More detail please check its website!
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3D Map Generator - ATLAS v1.2 for Photoshop Reviewed by CGRecord on 04:35 Rating: 5

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