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Phoenix FD 3.12 for 3ds Max

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Chaos group has announced Phoenix FD 3.12 for 3ds Max with improved V-Ray GPU rendering functionality and a host of brand-new features, you can now fire up an impressive new level of realism — with even more speed than ever before.

New features include:

  -Use simulators for volumes, isosurfaces and oceans as instances or references.
In versions prior to 3.12, Phoenix FD could only instance Simulators in Mesh render mode. Now you can manually instance Simulators across the scene for preview and rendering in both Volumetric render modes, as well as the Isosurface and Ocean Mesh modes.
Additionally, now you can have Simulators instanced for simulation as well. This means all Simulators will share one cache sequence and the same simulation settings, but each Simulator instance will interact with the obstacles, emitters and forces inside its own grid.

Note that instancing of Simulators using VRayInstancer is currently being implemented in V-Ray and will be available soon.

  -Add simulators from other scenes using Xrefs.
Adding the ability to instance Simulators in 3ds Max also paves the way for being able to XRef Simulators and Particle Shaders. Caches loaded by the Simulators will be correctly picked in object and scene XRefs by the volumetric shader and Particle Shaders when using explicit cache paths or using the default $(...) Phoenix macros.
Note that if you manually merge the XRefs into a scene where they were XRef-ed into, any $(dir) or $(scene) macros of XRef-ed Simulators will be automatically unrolled to the full directory and scene name of the XRef-ed scene, so Simulators will be able to find their caches from inside the new scene they were merged into.

  -Ocean Mesh objects support V-Ray Physical Camera parameters and camera types including Fisheye, Ortho and Spherical.*
The ocean mesh in Phoenix is generated in camera space, so it needs to be aware of all the camera options and all camera types. With Phoenix FD 3.12, the Ocean Mesh mode now supports all parameters of the V-Ray Physical Camera and the built-in 3ds Max Physical Camera.
Also added support for all V-Ray camera types that are available under the V-Ray Render Settings - Spherical, Cylindrical, Box, Fisheye, Warped spherical, Ortho, 360 Virtual Reality Spherical Panorama and Cube 6x1 cameras.

  -Textures support for volumes on V-Ray Next GPU
Now texture mapping the color and opacity of fire and smoke works on V-Ray Next GPU as well. Requires a V-Ray Next nightly build.

New Features

GPU Volumetrics
  -Support for textures for volume rendering with V-Ray Next GPU
Ocean Mesher
  -Support for all parameters of the V-Ray and 3ds Max Physical Camera types when creating an Ocean Mesh
  -Support for all V-Ray camera types when creating an Ocean Mesh - Spherical, Cylindrical, Box, Fish eye, Warped spherical, Ortho, Spherical panorama, Cube 6x1
Sim Instancing
  -Instancing and referencing for rendering and preview of Simulators in non-mesh render modes
  -Instancing and referencing of Simulators during simulation
3ds Max Integration
  -Support for Simulators and Particle Shaders in Scene and Object XRefs
  -MaxScript interface for getting grid data and loading render presets directly from the Simulator nodes. The new functions are loadRenderPreset, setCoordSys, getVelocity, getRGB, getTemperature, getSmoke, getFuel
  -New MaxScript functions for saving a Simulator render preset to file - .saveRenderPreset and A_SaveRenderPreset
  -New MaxScript functions for saving and loading a Simulator's simulation preset to file - loadSimPreset, saveSimPreset, A_LoadRenderPreset, A_SaveRenderPreset

Full features are here!

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