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KeenTools FaceBuilder for NUKE

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Developed by KeenTools - FaceBuilder is a NUKE node for building 3D models of human’s face or head based on just a few photos. With FaceBuilder creating a head model is as simple as working with PinTool. Get a few photos with neutral face from different angles and place a model on each of them to build a head or face model. The resulting model can be used, for example, for rigid tracking with GeoTracker or for facial gestures tracking with FaceTracker.


Model based on a single frame
In some cases all you have is a footage you have to work with and you can't get photos of actor's neutral face. Even in this case you still can use FaceBuilder to create an accurate model. You'll be surprised with the results!
All races and all ages
FaceBuilder is built to support the workflow with people of any race and any age we have here on Earth!
Configurable model
FaceBuilder can export only the parts of the head you really need.
PinTool under the hood
FaceBuilder is built on top of PinTool and includes all its strengths such as simple and powerful model positioning tool, advanced model drawing, a lot of exporting options, focal length estimation, etc.


You can Download FaceBuilder for NUKE with 15 days trial or Purchase from $149 here!

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