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FumeFX 5.0.2 for 3ds Max

[ #FumeFX ]
Sitni Sati releases FumeFX 5.0.2 update for Autodesk 3ds Max. In addition to bug fixes, this release adds compatibility with VRay Next, Arnold 5.2 and support for several Arnold AOVs.

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FumeFX 5.0.2 for 3ds Max Features are

GPU Viewport
- Fixed FumeFX GPU display offset when grid spacing was very low.
- Fixed non-functional FumeFX GPU display on certain combination of graphic cards and drivers.

- Fixed crash when trying to continue simulation from current frame.

I/O Subsystem
- Added vdb support for Wavelet Turbulence simulation.
- Fixed presets saving error for 3ds max 2014.

- Added VRay® 4 support.
- Added Arnold® 5.2 support.
- Added 3rd party vdb caches support for FumeFX Standard Shader and Arnold.
- Fixed Arnold renderer could render fuel instead of smoke bug.
- Added Standard Shader support for Arnold AOV's - normal, motionvector and depth.


FumeFX 5.0.2 for 3ds Max costs $695 for permanent license. $295 if you upgrade from 3.x. More details here!

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