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SiNi Software 1.11 for 3ds Max

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SiNi Software has announced the latest release of SiNi Software plugins for 3ds Max. All plugins are now available in 3ds Max 2019. This release features bug fixes for all plugins plus the addition of new features and update. For more information on individual plugins, please see below. They are discontinuing updating 3ds Max 2014.

Removed Gamma settings.

Added Find Double Objects.
Find Double Verts.
New option to keep geometry as poly.
Conform to surface is 30% faster.

Added splines with modifiers applied.

New feature to generate preview images for any HDRI.
Can now edit HDRI details within Illumi.
Illumi rig now holds Import multiple HDRIs.
Added camera selection option.
Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).
No longer supports Moskito Renderer.

Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 3.xx and VRay 4.xx./span>
40% Speed increase of Build Times.

Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 4.xx.

Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 4.xx.

All Plugins - Main UI
New Dropdown menu with help links.

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SiNi Software 1.11 for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord on 22:30 Rating: 5


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