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Download Mirror Tool v2.0 for Maya

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Mirror Tool (K_Mirror) is a really small script (helper) to make object mirroring a bit more intuitive and fun. It is based on Maya (now legacy) Mirror Cut tool which is not available by default in Maya 2016 Extension 2 and up since there is now just one tool - Mirror. That said, Mirror Cut can still be used under the hood even in latest Maya 2018+ releases so if you are missing Mirror Cut - here it is.

It comes with few improvements:
- Quick +/- X, Y or Z axis mirror
- No object disappearing or material/shader losing
- Single button clean history and all mirror residuals in Outliner
- Quick Step Rotate (mirror plane or mesh rotate)

v2.0 Features:
- NEW - Added option for Mirror Cut Plane positioning. A toggle button on top with the option to position the mirror plane World Axis, Object Center, Pivot Position, Normal Direction.
- NEW - Option to adjust vertices Merge Threshold from last applied mirror tool.
- NEW - Rotate multiple objects at once when Shift+LMB on buttons.
- NEW - Rotation preset values when you RMB click on Rotate field.
- UPDATE - Mirror plane color changed to cyan to match the color in Outliner for the same node
- UPDAtE - Dropped support for Maya 2015 and bellow.
- UPDATE - New installation process ( be sure to check out the new video for Mirror Tool).


Download Mirror Tool v2.0 for Maya 2016 +
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