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ZIVA VFX for Autodesk Maya

ZIVA VFX is a Maya plugin that lets you create lifelike characters with physics-abiding secondary dynamics. Check out the video showing a quick intro to ZIVA VFX for Autodesk Maya

ZIVA VFX for Autodesk Maya Features:

Greater realism
With soft tissue sitting on top of anatomical muscle groups, everything looks right. Muscles preserve volume under force and collision, while tissue bends, stretches, creases and jiggles with physics-informed realism.
Faster alterations
With ZIVA VFX, character alterations can be applied retroactively at nearly anytime. Adapting the underlying anatomy of your characters will let you react quickly to all feedback during any step of your creative process.
Rapid sequencing
When the inevitable prequel, sequel, and spinoff get the green light, ZIVA VFX lets you improve fidelity, modify appearances, and shift art direction while still preserving character essentials. Never start from scratch again.
Add Dynamics to Existing Rigs
Add a physical-correction on top of any existing character rig with our goaling attachment. This lightweight approach corrects unwanted stretch and adds contacts and plausible secondary motion.
Make feature animation with physics
Create rudimentary characters easily with a single volume on top of a skeleton. This approach is ideal for feature animation - capturing the bulk, volume, and secondary dynamics of a character.
Correct Trouble Areas
  -Correct hand pronation-supination
  -Correct neck shape with precise neck muscle movement
  -Correct upper-body rigidity under twisting
  -Correct thigh skin shape due to quadriceps muscle excitation
  -Add life-like belly fat secondary motion (inertia and gravity)
  -Correct elbow self-collisions

More information here! Or Join ZIVA GROUP!
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