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RealFlow V2.5 for Cinema 4D

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Next Limit has announced that the next version of RealFlow for Cinema 4D will be released on 15 March 2018. This version includes 20 bug fixes and 15 new features, including a new visualizer tool for previewing, adjusting, and evaluating force-based daemons. Other features include:

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- Updated Dyverso library with improved GPU support.
- Improved stability with Thinking Particles and less RAM consumption.
- The “Image” emitter now supports animated textures and Cinema 4D noise shaders plus adjustable image resolution (found in Cinema 4D’s preferences).
- Falloff added for DSpline daemons.
- New and improved vertex maps for meshes (vorticity, age, and weight).
- Added weight maps for meshes.
- Improved “Scale” parameters for mesh vertex maps.
- Global and node-specific frame offset parameters for synchronizing simulations with other Cinema 4D scene elements.
- Multiple “Collider” tags per object.
- Real-time viewport preview for vertex and weight maps.
- Highlight new parameters, options, and features in Cinema 4D’s GUI.
- Improved Thinking Particles workflow.
- New modes for “Fill” emitter: filling and particle layer on object’s surface.
- Improved stability and bug fixes.


A node-locked license of RealFlow for Cinema 4D cost €695.00 or $795.00.
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