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GorillaCam for Cinema 4D

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Animated cameras often look “CG” and robotic, they lack that subtle human imperfection and correcting this with built-in tools can be tedious and time-consuming. GorillaCam takes your existing camera in C4D and instantly adds that human touch, making your camera feel like a real person is behind it. With a few clicks, your camera feels more natural and realistic and your animation is instantly more engaging.

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GorillaCAM Advantages
•GorillaCam Shake System: The fastest way to add ultra-realistic/non-destructive shake to your existing camera in Cinema 4D
•Simple Smoothing: Easily smooth out our your existing camera motion with GorillaCam’s proprietary smoothing algorithm.
•Works with your existing camera: No need to set up or use complicated rigs. GorillaCam will reference whatever camera you feed it.
•60 GorillaCam presets: Whether you’re looking for subtle movement on a product shot, looking to spice up an architectural walk-through, or you’re animating an action-packed car chase, GorillaCam has a preset for you.
•Directable “Jolt”: Ever watch a cop drama tv show and notice that every so often it looks like the camera person was bumped? This is why we created the “Jolt” feature. Jolt will allow you to bump your camera operator at specific intervals in time or allow you to specify whatever frames you’d like to Jolt your camera. Perfect for anvil head drops or post-apocalyptic explosions.
•Overshoot all the things: Quickly add realistic overshoot to your camera’s position AND it’s rotation.
•Camera Target Overshoot: Works with your existing camera target or will create one for you.

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The plugin is available and can be purchased for $74.25.
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