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V-Ray Next Beta 2 for 3ds Max

[ #Vray ]
Chaos Group has release V-Ray Next Beta 2 for 3ds Max. This is V-Ray v4.02.02 with added GPU volume rendering and AI-accelerated denoising...

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New features:
- VRayDenoiser: Integrated the NVIDIA AI denoiser as an alternative denoising engine;
- V-Ray: Add a button to transfer auto-exposure and/or auto-white balance to scene cameras;
- V-Ray: Added Italian tooltip translation;
- V-Ray GPU: Add support for adaptive dome light;
- V-Ray GPU: Add support for volumetric rendering;
- V-Ray GPU: Support for BRDF mode of VRayGLSL's PTX backend;
- V-Ray GPU: Re-organized the UI options;
- V-Ray/V-Ray GPU: Add MAXScript functions to start and stop IPR (vrayStartIPR, vrayStopIPR, vrayIsRenderingIPR);
- VFB: Add option to disable VFB resizing on image load;
- VRayVolumeGrid: Support XForm modifiers in Volumetric render mode;
- V-Ray Light Lister: Add control for VRayLights type;
- V-Ray: Cryptomatte support for DWA compressed OpenEXR files;
Below is PhoenixFD Sim rendered V-Ray Next for 3ds Max GPU render


V-Ray Next Beta 2 for 3ds Max is Free for V-Ray user. Get it here!
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V-Ray Next Beta 2 for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord on 02:29 Rating: 5


  1. how can i download the file, i can't download the vray next, please help me


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