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thinkingParticles 6 Drop 6 released

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There is a new name for Visual Effects: thinkingParticles 6.6
It is a well-known secret within the Visual Effects industry, that 3ds Max and thinkingParticles combined, serves up a killer application to beat any other visual effects production pipeline out there in the market - plain and simple. Nothing compares in quality, speed and return on investment when you go for a 3ds Max and thinkingParticles VFX pipeline. Continuous updates and free enhancements empower our professional vfx artists to stay at the cutting edge of competition.

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thinkingParticles 6.6 packs in even greater flexibility - memory efficient - the power of All Purpose Fields for Procedural Volume Effects, without need to tinkle with math formulations. A complete visual effects package offering state-of-the-art tools in every possible areas of visual effects. Find below some of the key features and visual effects tools now available. AP-Fields simulation
- SPH Fluid Simulation
- Visco Elastic Fluids
- Rigid Body Dynamics
- Soft Body Dynamics
- Vehicle simulation
- Water-based Vehicle simulation

And all this at interactive real-time rates in viewport!
Click here to see the new features.
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