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Pulldownit 4 for Maya released!

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Pulldownit 4 for Maya has been released and comes with several new powerful features you can see explained in the video. This release is not only about new features, the whole plugin has been updated and tuned for better performance and usability, there is now one single window gathering all fracture tools and one single window for all rigid bodies stuff, alleviating the burden of many open windows in previous version.

New seams view in Shatterit mode and improved performance of fragments selection in advanced fractures, besides fracture solver is around 30% faster and much less memory is needed to cache simulations, and many other little things you surely will notice when using the tool, all of this makes this new release more responsive and with faster iterations when working in Maya.

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Shatter New Features
New Adquire Shatter style
New Shatter option for using a volume shape as source
Jagginess( v2.0) independent of tessellation
New soften edges UI parameter for Jagginess.
New option to apply jaggines to broken fragments only

Dynamics New Features
Speed up Fractures solver 30%
50% less memory needed for caching simulations.
New ability to pull apart pieces of an animated object at desired frame

Click here to see all the new features.
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