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ProSequencer Houdini

[ #Houdini #AfterEffects ]
ProSequencer Houdini has been released as a new tool that adds an After Effects style timeline to Houdini. The original purpose was to sequence cameras, but the plugin can be used a general purpose sequencer as well to basically tweak timing on anything.
More information on JDBGraphics website.

Take a look at the tutorial below to get more details.

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Some actions:
• Drag and drop a switch node into the sequencer panel to initialize it
• Connect null nodes to the switch to create tracks.
• Drag and drop a camera onto a track to assign it to that track.
• Drag an drop any render node to a track to sync it with track data.
• SHIFT-drag a track for snapping
• ALT-drag up/down to re-order tracks
• CTRL-click to select/deselect multiple tracks
• double-click track to select track node


Simply get ProSequencer Houdini by making a donation.   More Houdini Plugin [post_ad]
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