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Lens Distortion Plugin Kit v1.12 for Nuke 11.0 & 11.1

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LDPK v1.12 is now finally available and it contains lens distortion plugins for Nuke 11.0 as well as 11.1 - pre-compiled for Linux, OSX and Windows!
For the uninitiated, LDPK stands for 'Lens Distortation Plugin Kit'.
Most importantly this kit includes plugins of our five lens distortion models, ready for use with Nuke. These plugins allow to apply or remove lens distortion within Nuke based on distortion parameters previously calculated by 3DE4.

The latest version of the LDPK can be found through the link below. Detailed installation instructions as well as a list of all features are included too.

>> See Also: GeoTracker 1.3 - Tracking tool for NUKE 8 - 11.1

Plugins of the five built-in 3DE4 lens distortion models for Nuke
Source code and mathematical description for the built-in models
A tool for creating ST maps
Python Bindings for the built-in models

The Plugin can be gotten from here.
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