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GeoTracker 1.3 - Tracking tool for NUKE 8 - 11.1

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GeoTracker is a Nuke node for model-based single view object and camera tracking. It’s accurate, easy-to-use and fast. GeoTracker is developed using low level Nuke’s C++ API

GeoTracker 1.3 is now available and It brings tracking deformable objects included:

• ReadRiggedGeo, a separate node which allows loading models with skeletons (.fbx or .dae). Bones tree is available in properties, supports expressions, also animation can be loaded from the file with the model. So it’s a very handy node by itself.
• Models which are loaded with this node can be used as an input for GeoTracker or PinTool. They can be deformed manually at keyframes via dragging pins or changing axes of individual bones in 3D mode.
• You may add constraints on all parameters to minimize the number of possible rotations or, for example, to lock object movement in one plane.
• And of course, you may track such models using GeoTracker. All functions like user-tracks, surface masks, smoothing are available for deformable objects as well as for rigid objects.
• As the result, you get animated geometry and also can create a TransformGeo tied to any individual bone.


Download Free version or buy the Pro of GeoTracker 1.3 - Tracking tool for NUKE 8 - 11.1
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