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Ziva Dynamics Unveils Ziva VFX 1.1

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Ziva Dynamics has released their virtual Simulation plugin that allows you to create characters that move, flex, and jiggle the way audiences expect. With Ziva VFX 1.1 you can expect to achieve a higher standard of character realism.The example below shows the Making of a Lion, and from the video you would see some of the realism that the software brings.

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Benefits Overview:
Modelers can continue to improve geometry and respond to team feedback more efficiently. Everything is flexible and can happen at any time.
TDs will achieve more realistic results that are directly informed by real-world physics. Intuitive tools and controls grant greater artistic freedom from the start.
All existing anatomy can be re-shaped for other characters. From Zeke, any number of quadrupeds could be rapidly simulated.

For greater applications, teams could leverage this character platform tools to create a game-ready or posable Zeke for future productions.
The full Studio edition of the software which is targeted towards large facilities costs between $5,000 and $8,800; while the Indie edition targeted at individual artists, is available for rent only, and costs $500/year.
Free 30-day commercial trial and renewable 180-day non-commercial licences are also available, although both are currently limited to the features from the original 1.0 release of the software.
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