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X-Particles 4 Exclusive Release

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Strange attractors is a new motion designer that comes with X-Particles 4. They are flexible and allow about 8 different input settings with various designs. It is one of the major updates that has been brought to X-Particles. The video below would give you an understanding of how it works.

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New Features

Create abstract, chaotic particle animations inside X-Particles 4. xpStrangeAttractors comes with eight inbuilt settings; each setting produces individual designs and comes with a preset value that provides a basic shape. Use with global modifiers; scale to increase and decrease the overall pattern, or Delta which acts as a speed control so patterns develop more quickly or slowly. Each preset has constants A to F; these can be individually adjusted to create different designs. xpStrangeAttractors works brilliantly with xpTrial object, just drop in a Trail for animated flowing splines. Trail objects can also be meshed using xpOpenVDB, so you can quickly produce great abstract geometry.

Now, any object can be given its own gravitational pull, place the object in the attractor's window and particles will be attracted to it. You can adjust the speed and positioning of the particles and adjust the strength of the gravitational pull using the attractor mass – increasing or decreasing intensity. Dynamically resize your particles in relation to the distance from the object – and set the maximum and minimum radius, kill particles that get too close to the object – by using kill distance. Multiple Objects can be contained within a gravitational field or use the xpNewtonGravity tag so individual objects can have their own gravitational force, producing realistic gravity and orbit animations.

Click to find out more about X-Particles 4.

X-Particles 4 will be available from the 5th December 2017. However, anyone who purchases a Full priced New X-Particles License (excludes upgrades) directly through INSYDIUM will be automatically given a FREE upgrade to X-Particles 4 upon release.

They will also be offering Early Bird discounts for upgraders – exclusive discounts have been revealed via a personal email from INSYDIUM, please check your inbox and spam folder. If for some reason you have not received your email, please contact quote your name and serial number and they will get back to you with your exclusive offer.
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