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ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0 for Blender

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ManuelbastioniLAB It is also the free and open source character editor for blender. It is also a project aimed to create a scientific and powerful 3D humanoids editor, of which the research results are always released as a free and open source advanced addons for Blender.

The aim of ManuelbastioniLAB is to bring you a set of advanced tools to turn your Blender in a powerful laboratory for realistic humanoid characters creation.

The main improvements in the usability and new amazing features:
- Basic muscle system, based on standard Blender bending bones, in order to offer the max portability.
- Inverse kinematic controllers for skeleton rigging.
- Advanced mix algorithm to easily create complex expressions.
- Support for phonemes. Unified expressions for anime and humans.
- Custom rest poses
- Improved algorithms for retarget expert system and automodelling.
- Improvements in anatomy of models.
- Improvements in shaders and skeleton structure.
- Big improvement in usability and algorithm of proxies.
- New fantasy targets.

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ManuelbastioniLAB 1.6.0 for Blender is free for download now!!
Click here to see some of the work development.

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