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Wayfinder for After Effects

[ #AfterEffects #script #Animation #MotionGraphics ]
Paul Conigliaro has shared a new script for After Effects - Wayfinder, the script allows you to Attach and guide layers along shape layer paths, shape generators, or even complicated animated shape layers.

Select your shape layer, press a button, and get nulls attached to the outline of the shape! Each null has controls for position and offset. The main shape layer gains controls for trim and offset. You can also select existing layers to attach them directly. Continue animating the shape layer after the layers have been attached!

Highlight features:
• Create a draw-on or trail effect
• Set up several layers follow each other along the same path
• Easily create complicated motion paths from shape modifiers like twist, zig-zag and more
• Animate and change the shape as other layers are guided along it.

How to use Wayfinder:
• Select or create a shape layer. Make sure to already have any shape modifiers like Zigzag, Twist, etc. already applied.
• Enter the number of points you want attached or select existing layers in the order you'd like them attached.
• Check "Hide Calculation Layers" to shy the layers created to calculate points along the shape. These aren’t used for animation.
• Click “Attach Layers.”
• Animate the original shape layer… Layers stay attached!
• Note: To orient layers to the shape, the layer must be moving and have “Auto Orientation” set to “Orient Along Path”.

>> See Also: Super Lines script for After Effect


Wayfinder for After Effects costs $25 and requires After Effects version 13.2 (CC2014) or higher.

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