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X-Particles 4 - Exclusive Release!

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New Features

In June 2016 INSYDIUM announced the acquisition of BlackCores advanced Smoke and Fire simulation software ExplosiaFX. Since then they have worked tirelessly, scrutinising valuable code, integrating this into the X-Particles 4 and Cinema 4D framework. Dramatically improving their Smoke and Fire simulation capabilities, giving you unparalleled control and interaction.
They’ve created a new, state of the art, liquid and grain solver. Their new Liquid modifier lets you create stunning large and small scale fluid simulations, from ocean beaches made with 50 million particles to beautiful milk pouring shots. Combined with the brand new OpenVDB meshing object, liquid simulations are now finally within their power. Mix density mediums and grains, combined into the new solver make this the new go to for all fluid effects.
The all new xpCloth Dynamics system brings in remarkable fast cloth simulation right into the X-Particles workflow. You can drive cloth with any XP Modifier, rip it apart with the advanced tearing options. This feature adds a whole new dimension to motion design effects and destruction VFX shots. xpCloth, the next chapter in their ongoing journey to bring their users a full unified dynamics system right inside Cinema 4D.
The fantastic new velocity field generator lets you create custom velocity field effects, drive particles with Splines, or Object Tangents or Normals, use the Cinema 4D noises to art direct your own custom turbulence. The possibilities with Flow Fields are endless they can be mixed and layered to truly push directed particle effects to the next level.
This latest release, introduces industry standard particle meshing, with the powerful OpenVDB frame work. With a streamlined workflow for meshing using their filtering system, you can generate smooth flowing surfaces. The Meshing isn’t only for particles, it can also be used as a remesher for polygon objects.
Click here to find out more on X-particles 4.
X-Particles 4, will be available from the 5th December 2017, however, from today, anyone who purchases a New full price of X-Particles License directly through INSYDIUM, will be automatically given a free upgrade to X-Particles 4 upon release.
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