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Vegetation Generation Tool for Houdini

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Marta Ferian has just shared a Vegetation Generation tool for Houdini, the Digital Asset implements the space colonization algorithm by Runions et al (2007). The asset can be used to easily produce natural tree structures allowing control over the growth by shaping the roots, the foliage and the way the tree fills up the space.

Repository structure:
• Asset: contains the .hda for the Tree generator tool
• Report: both .lyx and .pdf of the final report. The folder code contains every VEX snippet used in this project
• Production: scene example files for the tree tool, as well as a transcript of the helpcards (folder helpcard) and the script callbacks (folder modules)
• Wekan: trello-like board used throughout the project to organize tasks

More from Marta Ferian:

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Download Vegetation Generation Tool for Houdini

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