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FinalRender 4 for 3ds Max 2016-2018

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Cebas has released FinalRender 4, the new breed of light simulation software offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation not found in any other renderer for 3ds Max. FinalRender for 3ds Max is the perfect choice for 3d artists and studios alike wanting the maximum of image quality and photo-realism, without experiencing a brain melt when setting up complex scenes for rendering!
Excitingly, with the recent release of finalRender 4, the software is now at the cusp of new rendering technology towards an even more powerful version in the Updates to come, highlighting a high degree of non-destructive editing.

Showcase Features:
- Interactive Rendering: Active Shade in VFB or Scene!
- Real-Time Camera Adjustments
- Interactive Sun and Sky adjustments
- Real-Time Shadows and Area Shadows

- Optimized FULL CPU & GPU processing power

- Real-Time Material Setup
- Complex Materials Handling
- Material Surface Lights
- Emitting Light from Any Surface
- Real Time Feedback

- Full Physical Camera Support
- Physically accurate DOF
- Adjust Focus Plane in Real Time
- Real Time BOKEH Feedback

- Spectral Wavelength Rendering
- Dispersion, Interference and Thin-Film!
- True 100% Unbiased Rendering
- Std 3ds Max Volume Light

- Advanced, Realistic Material : Car Paint
- Dedicated 3ds Max Render Element (works like a charm on both CPU and GPU)
- Custom finalRender Frame-Buffer
- Nested Render Elements in your Render History
- Full Blown Image Control
- Real Time Controls while rendering - flexibility for you.
- Exposure / Contrast and more...
- Instant Feedback Real Time
- Interactive Post-Effects
- Adjust Glare Instantly

- Proper and Clean Sorted Render Elements
- De-Noise Filtering per R.E. at exact levels
- All Non-Destructive Editing
- Composite directly in Frame-Buffer
- Compare Beauty Pass and Composite

Unlock 3D Assets from the Internet with:
- Scene Conversion and 3D Assets Support
- Powerful VRay Scene Converter : No Original Renderer needed
- Works even with Massive Scenes!
- ...Lights, Materials and Cameras... All convertible!
- Supports Any Complex Material Setups
- You can mix and blend Materials, work with Layered Materials on GPU with fR Scene Converter: trueHybrid (TM) technology works on all large scale renderings!

- finalRender your Virtual VR Camera at your Command
- Optimal Forest Pack Pro Support CPU and GPU - Active Shade, Volumetric Effects and more..
- Dedicated GI-Aware Volumetric Effect!
- ...Density, Illumination & Shadows ...
- ...Area Lights, Spot-Light, Sun...
-... Projector Lights, Shadow - Explore Fully on CPU & GPU

- 360 Panoramic View at the Click of One Button

- Skin Material Real Time : Sub-Surface Scattering; Create Material Setups for different skin appearances;
- Multilayered Skin Reflection - add 'sweat'
- Realistic Materials & Light; Interactive Volume Lights Effects

- Multi-Material Instancing: Materials and Objects
- Lightning Fast Unbiased Spectral-based GI
- Instancing with thinkingParticles
- Again Full CPU & GPU !!

>> See Also: MaxMounts Pro 2.0 for 3ds Max 2014 - 2018

   Render Elements
   Forest Pack Pro Support
   fR-CarPaint Material
   Light Types


FinalRender 4 is available under a rental licensing scheme at £24.50 monthly for a year. And If you want to add more than 2 rendering CUDA devices to the mix; then this license option is for you! Check here for more licensing options.
Find out more on Cebas’ website.

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