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Alvéole 1.0 - Cells Effect Generator for C4D R16 - 18

[ #Cinema4D #C4D #Modeling ]
César Vonc has released a Cells Effect Generator plugin for Cinema 4D. Based on Voronoi and Catmull-Clark diagram, Alvéole allows users to create a cells effect on all your objects with a few clicks.

The first version is compatible with Windows and OSX for C4D R16, R17, R18, and Czech translation by Lubo Bezek. The demo version limited to 6000 polygons per object and only one cell mode.

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Hihglight Features:

Cells :
Sets visual type of the cellules.

Subdivision :
For curved cells only : sets the curve subdivision.

Uniformity :
Sets the uniformity of the extrusion and the width of the cell relative to its size. Use a negative value to make them disappear.

Catmull-Clark Subdivision :
Subdivides the contours of cells with the Catmull-Clark method.

Noise :
Deforms the cells according to configurable noise (scale and time noise).

Polygon selections :
4 polygon selections are created. See picture.


Alvéole 1.0 is now available for 29.99 €.
Visit for the other plugins and more details.
The Plugin page and Infos page
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