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Viewport Colors Script for Cinema 4D

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Now you can easily control objects in Cinema 4D with Viewport Colors Script for C4D, the script helps you to apply different colors to your objects in the viewport for reference purposes without losing your C4D materials or 3rd party render engine materials.

-You can use it to have a color reference of the scene and avoid wasting time in correctly viewing the materials in the viewport.
-You can add a color to one or more selected objects (supports one or multiple objects as well as parent objects).
-You can add a solid color, Xray/Transparent color, wireframe color and random colors.
-You can create 2 types of color variations from your key color: random variation and adjacent colors variation.
-Don't worry! You do not lose your render materials and you can use it with materials from 3rd party render engines too just like Octane Render, Arnold Renderer, Redshift, etc.

The package include:
-VP Custom Color scripts.
-VP Direct Color scripts.
-User guide for both scripts packages.
-7 explainer tutorials.

>> See Also: SpiderWeb for Cinema 4D R15 to R18


Viewport Colors for C4D is available with your own price.

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