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Ornatrix 1.3.0 for Maya

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EPHERE Inc released the latest version for its hair fur creation tool - Ornatrix v1.3 for Maya, take a quick look into some of the new features and workflow improvements in this short video.

Highlight features:
• Retarget Normals operator allows you to transfer the normals of any mesh to the polygon hairs generated with MeshFromStrands, useful for real-time hair rendering
• UDIM map support in Renderman
• Face Center distrubution mode in Guides From Mesh node allows you to generate one guide on the center of each face.
• Added length Limits for the Length brush
• Hair From Guides node uses viewport hair % of render count instead of explicit count
• Shift key temporarily switches current brush to selection brush allowing for quick brush selection masking
• Added guide channel support in strand gravity node
• Added Particle Holder Position parameter to Dynamics node
• Added Maya 2018 support

>> See Also: Ornatrix v5.2 for 3Ds Max 2012 to 2018


Ornatrix v1.3.0 is available for Maya and costs $499. A demo version is available here

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