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V-Ray v3.6.2 for Max 2013 to 2018

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Chaos Group has released the Free update for V-Ray 3.6.2 for 3ds Max customers with some changes include adding environment variables to control V-Ray log file location and increasing the upper bounds of the Max Transp

Some updates in V-ray v3.6.2
- Adds environment variables to control V-Ray log file location and copy it into the Max log
- Increases the upper bounds of the Max Transp. Levels parameter in V-Ray
- Submitting V-Ray network rendering jobs with region render enabled should now issue a warning
- Adds a MAXScript VFB position control function (vfbControl #pos)
- Resets the V-Ray Toolbar flyout button to V-Ray Material
- Adds the ability to attach Bitmap texmap to shader tweaks in VRayMDLMtl
- VRayMultiSubTex now displays the actual IDs for node slots in the Slate Material Editor
- Fixes a V-Ray crash when saving VRayCryptoMatte through the VFB's save buttons
- Fixes disappearing geometry in V-Ray with VRayBlendMtl, Motion Blur and Forest Pack
- Fixes the V-Ray Toolbar reappearing each time Max 2018 is started
- The V-Ray 'Receive GI' multiplier now works in Full mode VRayLightSelect render element
- The Max Hair and Fur modifier now renders in V-Ray in Max 2018
- Fixes V-Ray RT crashes when using Forest Color in Forest Pack with VRayProxy
- Nested VRayLightMtl with direct illumination enabled now renders with V-Ray RT
- Fixes V-Ray GPU artifacts when rendering using OpenCL with more than one device
- Fixes V-Ray GPU NaNs occurring in VRayLightSelect render element when using Light Cache
- Fixes VRayCryptoMatte generating incorrect hashes for objects with non-Latin characters
- VRayMDL/VRayOSL/VRayGLSL shader tweaks are now animatable
- Fixes world to camera and camera to world transformations in VRayMDL/VRayOSL/VRayGLSL
- Fixes VRayMDLMtl incorrectly rendering nested volumes with differing IOR
- Ornatrix hair now renders with V-Ray RT when loaded through an XRef object
- Edit boxes for string parameters in VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex now work
- V-Ray scene converter now escapes special characters in XML values

Read a full list of new features in V-Ray 3.6.2 for 3ds Max

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V-Ray 3.6.2 for 3ds Max is available for 64-bit 3ds Max 2013 and above for $1,040. The update is free to existing users.

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