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Thinkbox Deadline v9.0.6.1 for 3ds Max 2010 - 2018

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Thinkbox Software has unveiled the new update of Deadline - a hassle-free administration and compute management toolkit for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX based render farms.

Thinkbox Deadline v9.0.6.1 Features:

- Task stats from pre / post Job scripts are no longer included when calculating job statistics
- The Repository installer now creates the 'custom/submission' folder in the Repository
- Fixed a bug in the Monitor Filter dialog that stopped it from showing the filters properly
- Removes references to the Pulse Web Service in the User Options dialog
- Fixes various Monitor submitter regressions that stopped them from working properly in
- Creating Limits with Usage Based Licensing enabled now needs a License Application selected
- Slaves now properly detect when 3rd Party Licensing settings in a loaded Limit have changed
- Fixes a bug that stopped Slave Events in the Sandbox from properly generating error reports
- Fixes a regression that could prevent the Slave from querying its own IP address in
- Fixes a bug that caused the Proxy Server to use 100% of a single CPU on Linux and Mac OS X
- During job submission, Deadline now checks the return value of the OnJobSubmitted event
- Fixes a typo in the GetSlaveExtreInfoKeys() function
- Adds support for Clarisse 3
- Adds the ability to pass all renderable images when using the Clarisse integrated submitter
- Dependent Houdini jobs now maintain the task concurrency and Redshift thread settings
- Updates the Unreal Engine plugin icon
- Fixes a regression in the Shotgun event that prevented the UI from loading configuration data
- Fixes a regression in the Spot event plugin that stopped it from working properly in


Thinkbox Deadline v9.0.6.1 for 3ds Max 2010 - 2018 costs $185 per node. A demo version is available here
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