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FilePathFinder Pro v3.7 for 3Ds Max 2012 to 2018

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Alexander Kramer announced FilePathFinder Pro v3.7 for 3Ds Max 2012 to 2018

Changes for v3.70.19 are:
- The interface has been redesigned
- Increases the size of thumbnails to 512px
- Adds support for different screen DPI settings
- Adds the ability to display thumbnails for Max scenes saved in Max 2017
- Updates to the Unique Asset Tracking System
- Fixes a bug which crashed Max when Corona interactive rendering is active
- Fixes a bug when working with assets whose name begins with the symbol '$'
- Fixes a bug with asset files when the path contains invalid characters
- Fixes scenes displaying black in the viewport when using Nitrous Direct3D Display Driver
- Adds the ability to render model previews using all cameras present in the scene
- Adds a new 'Fit view to nodes' option to disable/enable fitting view to objects in rendered scene
- Adds a new API method: PostScriptInfo.FitCameraFov
- Adds a new API property to 'Batch Render&Relink': BatchMode
- Nodes are no longer scaled to fit the studio when rendering previews, now the studio is scaled
- Fixes an issue where batch mode stops with a message dialog about read-only files
- Fixes a minor issue with rendering models using Batch Render&Relink
- Adds the ability to render preview for materials used in .vrmat files
- Fixes a bug with relinking Material Library files using the Batch Render&Relink tool


FilePathFinder Pro is available for Max 2012 to 2018 and costs $35. A demo version is available here.
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