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Eddy for Nuke | Simulation tool Nuke

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Developed by VortechsFX, Eddy is both a fluid solver and an unbiased volumetric renderer for Nuke, which allows for simulating gaseous phenomena, and rendering of VDB caches directly inside of Nuke

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it is also a physically-based volume renderer and compositing system, Eddy for Nuke enables the compositing or effects artists to build and simulate the effect they need directly in Nuke's 3D space, and then physically render it into Nuke's 2D view. The software is capable of deep data output and interactive simulation and rendering. To help with data management and playback, the simulation data is automatically cached, and reading and writing out manual caches is supported.
>> Simulating Physically Accurate Depth of Field in Nuke

Eddy also can read in caches from other software such as Side Effects Houdini, and then shade, physically light and render the volume effects inside of Nuke

Eddy runs entirely on the GPU and with optimised Python scripting - EddyScript, it is compiled and run as CUDA code on the GPU, which allows users to customise the solver, write expressions to modify fields and effects, or create shaders and rendering templates inside of Eddy.


Eddy for Nuke is to be released at Siggraph 2017. More details can be found on vortechsfx website
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